发表日期:2019-06-17 供稿:管理员

报告题目:Dagoo: an online big data analysis platform





报告简介: Big data arises from many aspects of life and matter such as medical records, environment monitoring, business markets, social networks etc. It is a challenge for humans to understand the intricate relations among the data let alone turning them into big fortune. Visual Analytics can offer powerful mechanisms to assist humans in the exploration and utilization of these complex data, by mining the relations from the raw data and sculpting them as visualizations associated with interaction to gain insight. To better support this kind of analysis mechanism, we develop Dagoo - an online data analytics platform. It contains numerous build-in functions that facilities different kinds of analysis, and boost the pipeline of analysis with clear visualizations. Meanwhile, it has the method pool for scholars to share and publish their new methods and compare them with the other existed methods. With this method pool, users can obtain the update method and apply them into real practice with simple clicks.

报告人简介:成生辉,香港中文大学深圳大数据研究院研究员,博士毕业于纽约州立大学分校计算机系。他先后在韩国纽约州立大学,德国弗里德里希·席勒大学访问研究,并在德国莱比锡大学医学研究所担任研究员,在美国布鲁克海文国家实验室进行两年的合作研究。他主要研究方向是可视化和可视分析,已在包括IEEE TVCG IEEE VIS等著名期刊会议发表论文十多篇,并担任多个著名期刊和会议的审稿人。他先后在2015 2016 国际可视化年会上获得科学可视化和可视分析最佳海报提名奖,两次受邀在国际可视化年会担任高维数据可视分析的课程导师(4.5小时报告),受邀在2018年开源数据科学会议(4500人参会)上做一小时报告。他担任2019年国际可视化年会(短文)程序委员会委员,中国可视化与可视分析专委会委员,CSIG-VIS 2019高峰论坛(深圳)执行主席,于2019年入选深圳市海外高层次人才。